An Advisory Firm Focused on Helping Startups Take it to the Next Level​

Cloud Security Labs is a boutique security advisory firm focused on companies looking to take security seriously. We work with security-minded CTOs and founders to help establish their Information Security Program and elevate it. We want to alleviate your security burden so you can focus on what you do best: building great things.

From a technology perspective, we specialize in AWS Security, DevSecOps, and Security Architecture/Operations (SIEMs, Endpoint Security, etc).

But that's not all we do: we also offer advisory, consultation, and security assessment services to help you understand and better your security.

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Our Mission

Elevating your company’s security is our goal. We are driven to help your company’s security reach its fullest potential.
Alleviating your security burden is what we’re here for. Alleviation is what we keep in mind while transforming your company’s security.
We believe that when more and more companies improve their security posture, society is better off in the end. That’s why we do what we do: to help cultivate a better, more secure world.


We love educating and empowering organizations, and firmly believe in “teaching one to fish.” To provide you with the best service, we spend a significant amount of time going through the latest information security news and topics to always stay up to date. We also take the time to test out a technology before making a recommendation to you.


We have thousands of consulting hours under our belt with clients ranging from small startups to global enterprises, so we’re fluent in speaking technology, management, the big picture, and strategy. We have also guided companies through navigating complex problems with our consultative approach, breadth of knowledge, and education work, which is why people like to work with us.

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Holistic Approach

Although we are detail-oriented, we also look at the big picture since both are necessary for the right judgment call. We understand the concept of emotional intelligence—that’s why we aim to guide clients through complex problems by offering a holistic consultative approach that includes peopleprocesses, and technology and promote a supportive security culture wherever we go. Because of this approach, we have an uncanny ability to help find the “unknown unknowns” and process flaws in an organization.


Our Team

Ayman Elsawah

Ayman is a seasoned information security leader who specializes in Enterprise and Cloud Security. He has helped organizations of all sizes strategically plan, build, and implement security programs and build security teams.

Ayman has a love for giving back to the community. Checkout his podcast Getting Into Infosec and his book Breaking IN: A Practical Guide To Starting A Career In Information Security.


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