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Security Assessment Questionnaires Coaching Session

Is your sales team asking you to complete a questionnaire? Is Your Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) 400 questions long? Are you a small startup that doesn’t have a compliance team, let alone a compliance person? We can help.

You are probably a SaaS startup that is working with Enterprise customers with large security and compliance teams. The buyer loves your product and wants you on-board, but wait… there’s this SAQ they want you to fill out.

Turns out the questionnaire is 20 pages long and quite overwhelming! You fill it out and feel like you could do better than just answering “no” to all the questions

We have been on the other side in Enterprises asking companies to fill those questionnaires, and are offering SAQ coaching sessions.

Additionally, if you want us to help you more intensely during this process, we can do that. We will help you reach a middle ground that the security team will be happy about. We will also help you showcase just how serious you take your security and help you navigate and negotiate your security posture.

Don't know which one you need? No problem. Here's a guide to help you out.

Security Questionnaire Coaching Session

We will provide an over 2-hour video session to walk you through the process and provide clarification on any questions you may have with an expert who’s been “on the other side,” and unlimited support via e-mail for one week after the initial session.


We will also provide a forum for us to understand your environment a little better to give you better security guidance. Our feedback will help you answer “yes” to some questions while improving your security within a minimal time investment.

Security Questionnaire Coaching Session + Active Negotiation

We will provide everything in the coaching session package, but also include meeting with your partner prior to the questionnaire to discover their priorities; completing the questionnaire during a session; and following up with security team to resolve any potential issues from the questionnaire.


No guarantees are made for approval from partner/customer security team, but we will do our best.

Security Questionnaire Coaching Session

  • Walkthrough of your security questionnaire
  • Clarification on any questions you may have
  • A forum to provide security guidance
  • Unlimited e-mail support for one week after the session
  • Feedback on what you can do with little time investment
  • Over 2-hr video session

SAQ Coaching Session + Active Negotiation

  • Everything included in Basic
  • Clarification of your partner's priorities
  • Follow up with security team to resolve any issues
  • Complete the questionnaire within the session
  • No guarantee for approval