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Virtual CISO

If you’re looking for someone to provide strategic executive information security guidance to increase the security maturity of your company, then a Virtual CISO might be for you.

As a Virtual CISO, we offer three levels of involvement: essentials, involved, and complete. This monthly retainer service will give you unlimited access to my expertise in specific areas, each building on the other. Since they’re unlimited, you can keep me as long as you like; in fact, some of my clients have kept me on for multiple years.

Areas of coverage include, but are not limited to:

vCISO Essentials

  • Weekly check-in with stakeholder(s)
  • Unlimited expert advisory via Slack and Email
  • One Hour of Live Training Every Quarter
  • Quarterly executive reporting and check-in meeting

vCISO Involved

  • Everything included in Essentials
  • Daily standup
  • Responses within 12h
  • Incident Response Commander (24/7 - 1 per month)
  • Infosec roadmap, quarterly Infosec OKRs
  • Monthly executive reporting and check-in meeting
  • Lead hiring efforts, provide job descriptions, and interview candidates

vCISO Dedicated

  • Everything included in Involved
  • Dedicated vCISO
  • Same day response
  • Monthly executive reporting
  • Three-year security roadmap
  • Security budget responsibility
  • Security vendor research, vetting, and negotiation
  • End-to-end security program management

Want Something Simpler?

Try out our vCISO Lite program!

Are you a service provider?

Looking to launch a vCISO practice? We’ve been there, done that, and can teach you what we know about vCISO.

Free Security Awareness Training

We have a collection of over 50+ videos and tons of quizzes to help your company understand more about security! You can even run training for individual departments so you can track their progress and focus on their needs.

There is no limit to the amount of employees you can train since Security Awareness is for everyone!

Topics We Cover

Illustration by Freepik Storyset