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Newsletter #4: ProTip: Create A Catchall Email

Newsletter #4: ProTip: Create A Catchall Email

The other day, I realized that when I migrated email providers, I did not set up a catch-all email address. I got a couple of surprises when I did (more later).

A catch-all email address is an address that “catches” all of the other emails coming to your domain. This is useful in catching any typos in your emails, either internally or externally. It’s particularly useful in receiving emails sent to former employees and contractors whose mailboxes are suspended or disabled. It’s also useful if you want to make up an email and then go create it later.

If you are using Google Workspaces, I recommend having the emails go to a collaborative inbox and adding a subject prefix to know it’s hitting your catch-all.

So, after creating the catch-all email last week, I shortly thereafter got an email from AWS telling me about my bill. The thing is: I didn’t recall having an extra AWS account. LOL. It turns out that I had a “test” account created with an email like [email protected]! Suffice to say, today, I quickly went into that AWS account and shut down that EC2 instance. It seems like the free tier had expired a few months ago, and now I was getting billed.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Stay safe out there.

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