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Newsletter #9: Ticketmaster Hack – A Perfect Storm

Newsletter #9: Ticketmaster Hack – A Perfect Storm

Last week, I ran into the Ticketmaster indictment news, where some of their employees engaged in some illegal and unethical behavior. It was such a perfect storm of information security failures, and I felt compelled to write an article on the breakdown. It will be published tomorrow, but I’m sharing the draft article with you now since you are awesome!

I have a writing backlog at the moment. I plan on writing a LinkedIn security best practices guide. Multiple clients of mine have seen an increase in LinkedIn attacks on their employees. LinkedIn is a tough one to manage. Accounts are usually tied to their personal accounts, and there is no direct way management of them.

I also wrote a post on Bug Bounty and what not to do with them. I’ve seen some common mistakes from those new to the concept. There will be a follow-up article on how to launch a Bug Bounty program successfully.

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