AWS Security Reference Architecture

  • Review your environment and requirements in detail with your engineers
  • Recommend security practices based on identified risk
  • Translate how your security can be solved in AWS
  • Provide a reference architecture diagram for your engineers to build against

AWS Security Reference Architecture Service

Do your current architecture and practices currently meet your security requirements, but you’re unsure about the next year? Maybe you are sure, but still looking to find all the unknowns through a deep security review into your AWS architecture to prevent anything unfortunate from happening.

Having an AWS Security Reference Architecture will provide you the direction you need to bake security into your existing and future architecture. A report will list gaps and recommendations in a prioritized manner based on your company data and business model. It’ll also provide the guides and best practices that you need based on your circumstance. Whenever possible, we will provide an AWS Security Reference Architecture diagram that to identify the various security components that should be in place in your AWS footprint.

Our Process


We will examine your user accounts and permissions to develop a deeper understanding of access utilization, starting with identity access management.


We will conduct interviews with your engineering teams to go through AWS Accounts and your application to understand all the various ways data flows in and out of your infrastructure using various open-source software (users will be required to perform this step).


We will review your current cloud security footprint and report back any security gaps, any processes and recommendations to prevent any future identified security gaps, and documentation of a reference security architecture based on your current and expected 1-year environment.