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Virtual CISO - Essentials

With this package, we will function as a remote resource to one company individual. We will provide references to best practices and guidance on the re-prioritization of initiatives as requested. We will also be available during client business hours by email, text, or chat and respond to on-demand questions within 24 hours, typically much faster.

Virtual CISO - Essentials

  • Weekly check-in with stakeholder(s)
  • Unlimited expert advisory via Slack and Email
  • One Hour of Live Training Every Quarter
  • Quarterly executive reporting and check-in meeting


How will you provide input on my company's security?

We will provide input on your security based on your recent security gap analysis.

What are some benefits that I can get from choosing this package?

You will get security guidance from an industry expert in the fields of Cloud Security, Security Organization, and Leadership.

How do I know that this package is right for me?

If you’re just starting on your security journey, then this bare-boned package is a good choice for you.

Having Trouble Deciding?

Our chatbot was specifically designed to help you make a decision based on your company's needs.

It will also redirect your answers straight to us, so we'll know specifically what you'll need before we reach out to you.

Feel free to also leave it some questions that you'll like us to answer, and we'll get straight back to whenever we can.